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Canaday Enterprises was created by Electrical Inspector and award winning Software Programmer, Steve Canaday. Steve uses is experience in the field and computer expertise with the purpose of making Electrical Professionals' life easier and to increase the general safety of the public.


Steve's dedication to excellence ensures that you will never be over charged and always have the answers you need at your fingertips.


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NEC Dwelling Load Calculator (NEC 2005, 2008, & 2011)

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Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows 8
Download Size: 72.33 MB



Say goodbye to complicated calculations and hello to easy and accurate answers in a flash using this load calculating software. Store thousands of customer records, easily create useful reminders and notes, use the auto calculate button to quickly find the best calculation for the job, and print out professional forms and records.


Computes fuse and breaker sizes. Includes $200 worth of extra electrical software.


The latest version includes an extensive panel schedule program and many other great features.


NEC® Dwelling Load Calculator Powerful National Electrical Code Calculator Calculate even very complicated multifamily dwellings with complete accuracy. It even checks which calculation method will yield the lower result, saving much time, money, and loss of business due to inaccurate calculations. NEC® Dwelling Load Calculating Software is an easy-to-use and powerful intuitive interface that also serves as a useful learning tool.

Customer Reviews

"Your program's accurate calculations and print-outs made my business look more professional. Thanks!"- Michael, WA



"This software saved me from spending thousands on the wrong wire size" - Kyle, OR



"Don't make a bid without this program!!!" - John, WA



"I was surprised to find that this software was more accurate than the actual NEC book at times. Great program." - Mike, CA



"The program pays for itself in one use" - Herman G., CA



"I very much appreciate the great customer service I receive from your company. Very quick response and he took the time to walk me through all my questions over the phone." - Pete J., WA

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